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As of June 30th 2014, the LA&M is no longer updating

the Leather History Timeline

The Leather Archives & Museum Statement on the Leather History Timeline

For the last 23 years, the LA&M has encouraged community members to update the Leather History Timeline (LHT), a document originally created by Tony DeBlase that chronologically recorded important moments, people, publications, and clubs. When Tony became a co-founder of the LA&M, the Timeline was added to our collections and website. Though not a comprehensive account of Leather history, the Timeline was initially used to:

As the LA&M moves into 21st century, our collections and our institution have grown significantly—we hired a full-time archivist on staff, have significant numbers of volunteers and interns working to process, describe, and provide access to our holdings; we have increased our digital presence through social media, our online public access catalog Leather Archives Systems Holdings (LASH), and through our finding aids available on the LA&M website. We have thousands of records, artifacts, artwork, photographs, and films that chronicle Leather history in a way that just wasn’t possible in the earliest years of the LA&M.

It has become virtually impossible to record “leather history” in a PDF, particularly within a timeline that is maintained by a single institution whose focus is to collect, preserve, and exhibit Leather/kink/fetish/BDSM lifestyles through archives and memorabilia for historical, educational and research purposes. The LA&M does not purport to be the single authority on these communities, and the expectation of maintaining a document like the LHT assumes such authority, which does not align with the mission of the LA&M. Therefore, the Leather History Timeline will be integrated into our collections (in its many updated forms). Additionally, the LA&M is providing access to a PDF of the Timeline on our website’s Media Release page for the next six months. As of January 1st, 2015, the Timeline will be removed from the website and made available by request. Additionally, the LA&M encourages individuals, clubs, and leather communities alike to use the Timeline as a way to tell your own stories and histories. Please feel free to download the Timeline and add to it, make a Wiki about it, use the Timeline as a template and create your own! The LA&M looks forward to seeing the timelines that are created in the future.

The LA&M would also like to thank and acknowledge all the individuals and organizations that have edited, added to, conducted fact-checks, and revised the Leather History Timeline. You all have made it what it is today. Thank you for your participation!

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