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Online Exhibits from the Leather Archives & Museum

Serving the fetish world SandMUtopia Guardian

Sandmutopia Guardian magazine was published by Desmodus, Inc. [San Francisco, CA] from 1988 to 1994 (issues 1 - 17) and by The Utopian Network [New York, NY] from 1995 to 2000 (issues 18 - 39). Desmodus editors included Tony DeBlase (Fledermaus), Carol Truscott, Joseph Bean, Victoria Baker, Marcus-Jay Wonacott, and Pat Califia. The Utopian Network managing editor and editor in chief was Mitch Kessler.

Serving the fetish world A Room of Her Own

The premiere Women’s Leather History Project exhibit : A Room of Her Own. Curated by Dr. Alex Warner and featuring items collected through the Women’s Leather History Project at the LA&M.

Serving the fetish world Was Benjamin Franklin Kinky?

As one of the founding fathers of our country, Ben Franklin was busy doing other things too. For instance, he fathered a son, William, out of wedlock. With his common-law wife Deborah, he took custody of the boy and raised him as his own.

Serving the fetish world Oral History project

The Oral History project involves the taping, transcribing, indexing and filing of interviews with long time participants or important individuals in the leather community. The transcribed histories form one of the most important information sources in the LA&M's developing collections.

Serving the fetish world Aubrey's Playroom Archive

A walk down memory lane with Aubrey's Playroom in mp3 format. Aubrey's Playroom was a 60 minute internet talk show hosted by Aubrey Hart Sparks and featured diverse conversations for the Leather, Fetish, BDSM & Alternative Sexuality Communities. The show ran from 1999 to 2004 totaling 123 interviews.

Serving the fetish world The Leather Pride Flag

The Leather Pride Flag which Tony DeBlase presented to the world as a "proposed design idea" on May 28, 1989, at International Mr. Leather has become a symbol of the Leather Community around the world.

Serving the fetish world Kris Studios of Chicago

Chuck Renslow became interested in photography while attending Lane Technical High School. He joined the Photography Club there, supplementing what he learned from his peers by taking classes in photography at Wright College.

Serving the fetish world Leather History Timeline

Authored by Tony DeBlase and continued by the community, the Leather History Timeline gives us a quick look at instances in the leather culture that impacted the way we live today. We are still taking contributions to the timeline and welcome any additions.

Serving the fetish world Colors of the Cycle MC

The Colors of Cycle MC web exhibit has been mounted to display artifacts from Cycle MC’s vibrant and colorful 14 year history. The exhibit also seeks to provide information about Cycle and its publication, Wheels Magazine.

Serving the fetish world Online Art Exhibit

This collection consists of erotic original artwork and prints. The works are stored in flat files in the archives of the LA&M. The list represents a sample of the artists in our permanent collection.

Serving the fetish world Online Video & Film Exhibit

Archival Video and Film - Published and unpublished video and film is housed in this collection. “Homemade” documentation of people, places or events is preserved on DVD's, video tapes and 16mm film. All published video is cataloged under the reference collection.

Serving the fetish world Online Audio/sound Exhibit

Archival Audio - Published and unpublished audio is housed in this collection. “Homemade” documentation of people, places or events is preserved on cassette tapes, CD's and records . All published audio is cataloged under the reference collection.

Serving the fetish world Online Photography Exhibit

Photographic prints (as art) are stored in flat files in the archives room. Photography taken to document events, people or places are stored in binders on shelving in the archives room or electronic format.

Serving the fetish world The LA&M on Youtube

The on-line video sharing resource known as You Tube is an excellent way for others to share their videos with the world. Not only can you watch videos from the collections of the Leather Archives & Museum but you can see videos from others that pertain to the lifestyle. See what we’ve fond by others on You Tube.

Serving the fetish world The President's Award

Every year, the Board of Directors awards the Chuck Renslow President’s Award to individuals or groups in the leather community that show overwhelming support for the Leather Archives & Museum and it’s mission. "The compilation, preservation and maintenance of leather lifestyle and related lifestyles [including but not limited to the Gay and Lesbian communities], history, archives and memorabilia for historical, educational and research purposes."

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