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The Dungeon Exhibit


Among the equipment on display is a stainless steel custom made male chastity device. Mario Latowski, of Nordbögge, Germany, designed and fabricated the item. The device was developed from one he made for his wife as a costume for a "Castle Party" in Germany. Latowski received many inquiries for a male version of the chastity appliance, and after an intensive period of research and trial and error, the device was perfected. The final version is the one displayed. It is comfortable for long periods of use, and has a system for all waste elimination without the subject needing to exit the device. Notice the superior workmanship and locking system.

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Spanking Bench

The exhibit also highlights a spanking bench that was designed and built as a custom “one off” by Lawrence, for an AOL BDSM Chat Room private party in a Chicago loft, on Labor Day weekend, 1997. It was originally painted all red, to match the cushions. The first time it was used, it split down the center, and the person on it slowly descended unhurt to the floor. The bench was then rebuilt, and fitted with chains that prevented a reoccurrence.


Mistress Mir

The gown displayed here belonged to Mistress Mir, a professional Dominia from New York who was trained in the Old Guard tradition, which brings a sense of honor into her play. “My expertise lies in my erotic sensual play and knowledge of bondage and corporal punishment”. Her personal code of ethics is simple. It circles around the health and safety of her clients. She treats all of her slaves with respect. They are all valued for their individuality.

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