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Oral History Collection

The Oral History project involves the taping, transcribing, indexing and filing of interviews with long time participants or important individuals in the leather community. The transcribed histories form one of the most important information sources in the LA&M's developing collections. Identifying oral history subjects, arranging the interviews, typing them out and indexing them is an area where volunteers are always needed.

If you know someone who you think should have their oral history recorded for the LA&M or if you would like to volunteer to work with this project, please contact LA&M Director Rick Storer

Guidelines for performing an oral history can be found here a PDF version can be found here

A few Oral Histories are available for your viewing below. Combined with all the others in the archives they tell the history of our community.

Transcribed Interviews

Tony DeBlase Marcus Hernandez Larry Townsend
Tom Dombkowski David Kloss Janus Rainer
Cliff Raven Fakir Musafar John Birch
Jim Stewart Mike Zuhl Blair Kituhwa
Charles Renslow Fireside Chat Fred J. Lincoln
Interview Synopsises

Alan Cassidy Jon Brittian Diamond Oakman
Kip Davidson Viola Johnson Q
Insaitable Amazon slave Pug Mollee
Ms. Rae Gazelle Master Ces
Carrie Domina Gina & Steve
Lady Sterling Madame Butterfly Robin Grecar
Anthony Cola James Ross Raven Darknights
Shelly Roth Ginger Meryl Sterling
Philip Rudolph Lady Victoria Sage
Mistress C Little Lurker Rose
Slave pug Venus DeMila Rev. Mel
Princess Kali Ms. Serene Mistress O
Asian Master Ann Noble Andrew Sir
Tony Joseph Stacy Thomas Squeeky Legault
Steve Gabosch The 15 Association Thizbee Sez
Sir Cougar Mollena Williams Glenda Rider
Lee Norwell Janet Ryan Lady Thorn
Joanne Gaddy Black Leather in Color Mistress Mir
Mistress Heather Hades Bob Guenther Richard Wolfe
Rick Mallon Charles Brown Kevin O'Donnell
Judith Johnson Durk Dehner Tim Brough
Mistress Vampirella Slave Caroline Katrina
Ms. Diana Lorelei COMMAND MC
Cedarbrae Marquise Marie Sam Jeske
Jeffrey Lan Richard Muller Master Eric and beauty
Audio Interviews

Mr. Marcus Hernandez Etienne (Dom Orejudos) Chuck Renslow
Mistress C Annie Sprinkle Meryl Sterling

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