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Images from the Dennis Walsh Collection

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LA&MArtwork: Signed by Dennis Walsh 7/18/1994
LA&MArtwork: Signed by Dennis Walsh 9/9/1994
LA&MArtwork: Deni Deco 1993
LA&MPhotograph: Man Holding a Puppy
LA&MArtwork: Signed by Dennis Walsh 7/19/1994
LA&MLetter: A Handwritten Letter to Chuck Renslow
LA&MLetter: A Draft of a Letter to Mom and Pop
LA&MDiary: Entries Dates Sept. 21 and Sept. 22
LA&MDiary: Entries Dates July 27 and July 28
LA&MLetter: Dated Sept. 12, 1978
LA&MDiary: Dated August 29
LA&MDiary: Working at Rounds

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