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Bill Schmeling, a.k.a. "The Hun", is a Portland, Oregon based, homoerotic, homomasculine fetish artist active in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. The Hun as a pseudonym personifies the intense subject matter of his work, which focuses on scenes involving hyper-masculine muscular characters, sadomasochism, prison rape and brutality, scatology, leather and uniform fetishes, police and military settings, and other scenes of extreme gay sexuality.

The most notable and enduring characters of the Hun's works include Big Sig, a naive young male who endures life in a prison setting, and Gohr, a barbarian who inhabits a brutal, sexually-charged post-apocalyptic setting. Both these characters star in their own series of comic works.

The Hun's works occupy a unique place among gay erotic artists. He has spearheaded a more intense style of artwork that captures scenes and fantasies often avoided by other artists, such as Tom of Finland, as well as emphasizes a uniquely grotesque style involving oversized body parts, excess body fluids, and other features on a hyper-sexual scale.

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