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II. Organizational Records

III. Conglomerate Collections

Our collections at the LA&M have been used for documentaries, biographies, non-fiction books, blogs, doctoral dissertations, research papers, websites, and social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, and YouTube. Know your history. Learn more about the archival collections at the LA&M.

Archival Collections

Archival collections at the LA&M are personal, organizational, and conglomerate records with historical significance and enduring value to communities involved in kink, Leather, fetish, sadomasochism, and alternative sexual practices. The LA&M is unique in that the community selects records as well as the institution. For more information on how to donate your materials, read our donation brochure.

Archives are the records created and/or accumulated by people and organizations as they lived and worked. Archival collections can contain materials such as correspondence, journals, diaries, financial records, photographs, meeting minutes, artwork, reports, memorabilia, fibers, leathers, as well as sound recordings, videos, and film.

Archival material at the LA&M shows evidential, historic, and contextual value of Leather/fetish/BDSM and alternative sexuality and lifestyle as defined through the LA&M mission statement and collection policy. For more information or to contact the Archivist click here.

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