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Collection Policy

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Collection Policy 

It is the Policy of the Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M) to collect and expend its resources in the storage, preservation, restoration and exhibition of the artifacts and evidence of Leather/SM/Fetish lives, lifestyles and organizations, including but not limited to fraternal and commercial organizations, without regard to sexuality, race, gender, orientation or age-group representation, except as indicated in further paragraphs of this document. The LA&M will also collect, at the discretion of the curator or other officer acting in the stead of the curator, such items as may be or seem to be unrelated to Leather/SM/Fetish subjects if the items have been the property of persons engaged in Leather/SM/Fetish and a donor proposes them for LA&M acceptance. 

It is the policy of the LA&M not to collect materials regarding gay, lesbian and bisexual activism or activities, unless such materials contain a significant relevance to alternative sexual practices or the reasonable likelihood that the material is both of interest to the LA&M's service population and not otherwise being properly preserved elsewhere.  The service population of the LA&M is defined as all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, interested in the collection, preservation, study and interpretation of historical materials in all formats relating to the leather/levi and fetish lifestyles and communities.

More detailed policies may, from time to time, be enacted by the Board of Directors or by the curator to govern special circumstances unanticipated at the time of the adoption of this policy.

It is the policy of the LA&M not to collect materials regarding general sexuality or specific categories of sexuality or sex practices without special consideration or reason such as previous ownership by an obvious constituent of the LA&M's service population or the reasonable likelihood that the material is both of interest and not otherwise being properly preserved elsewhere.

It is the policy of the LA&M not to collect materials such as SM devices and clothing if these things are in usable condition and might still serve active members of the Leather/SM/Fetish population unless there is an overriding historical interest on the specific item in question.

Questions concerning the release, through whatever channel, of items donated but not retained in the collection will be decided by the curator and reported to the Board of Directors. However, the curator (and anyone acting in the stead of the curator) is prohibited from selling or discarding any item from the collection or from any donation to the collection without Board approval in advance, and such approval should not be given in the event that the donor can reasonably be presumed to have intended that the item(s) would remain in the collection.

Gifts of cash, stocks, real estate or other non-collection materials are not included in or governed by this policy.

The LA&M neither approves nor disapproves the views expressed in materials included in the collection.  The inclusion of an item is not to be considered an endorsement, official or otherwise, by the LA&M.